SeaCoast Grace Men are a diverse group of men that join together to encourage each other in their individual pursuit of faith in Christ. This ministry seeks to offer events that unite men by providing a forum where they can address the various issues that are unique to men.

Mens Retreat 2017

You've heard it hundreds of times..."Iron sharpens iron." We as Christian men are not to take this lightly however. The Hebrew definition of "sharpen" is derived from the concept we use today of being "alerted". That's why we are having our Second Annual SCG Men's Retreat. So that we can be men that are truly ALERT to the mandated precepts for husbands, fathers, brothers, and businessmen proposed throughout the Bible. Better yet, the retreat will be just that...a retreat from life to get a little lift and return home that much more prepared to ACTUALLY be the men we are called to be.

The theme is "Me Too" and is being held at Pine Crest Christian Conference Center up near Lake Arrowhead. We have reserved our own suites, rec lodge, and meeting rooms in addition to the amenities of the conference center. We are also reserving tee times at Oak Quarry Golf Club in Riverside for a fun activity for Saturday's free time.

Date: May 19-21.
Cost: $175 (scholarships are available).
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