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SCG Internal Ministries

Thinking about getting involved in ministry? Great! Click on an icon below to learn about our Internal Ministries. Once you find a ministry that sounds right, submit an online Serve Application and a member of the Contribute Ministry will be in touch within one work day.

Oh, let me guess, you're interested in serving at SCG, but you're afraid of getting stuck in the wrong spot, right? Don't worry! We encourage everyone to serve three times before making a longer commitment. Each time you serve, try asking yourself these questions to see if you've found your sweet spot of service:

  • Was the work meaningful?
  • Did I feel energized or drained after serving?
  • Did I enjoy the people I served with?
  • Does this ministry really fit into my schedule?

And remember, if the first ministry you try isn’t a great fit, try, try again.

Thanks for stepping up. As you get plugged in, you’ll make some great new friends, feel more connected to SCG and honor God through service.


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Cart Driving & Parking

Children’s Ministry


Guest Services

Safety/Medical Team


Food Services