The Compton Initiative

The Compton Initiative



Today, Compton is known around the world... for all the wrong reasons. Many people have written the city off, but God hasn't. He is using His people to bring about a turning point in Compton. Four times each year, over 1500 volunteers put on yellow shirts and serve those in greatest need. During a morning of work, we paint over graffiti, mend fences, pray with residents and serve as a living testimony of Christ's love. It's a bold vision - to see a city restored - but we believe that in time, Compton will become a dramatic testimony of His redemptive power.
Through the Compton Initiative, change has already begun. Since the Initiative began eight years ago, over 500 sites have been refurbished, including schools, churches, parks and homes. The Compton City Government has become involved, promoting the workday and organizing additional volunteers. More importantly, our efforts are bringing hope to the people of Compton, reminding them what it looks like to "love thy neighbor" and encouraging them to take back ownership of their community.

Over the last few years Seacoast Grace has begun a partnership with Victory Outreach, a church located on Sloan Street, right in the heart of the city. While attempting to fix up every house that is in need on the street, we are giving Victory Outreach an opportunity to build relationships with their neighbors and have a positive influence in their community.

The cost is $10.00 and includes breakfast and lunch. Your money will help offset the cost of paint, brushes, ladders, scrapers, food, water and everything else we will use to restore a home or school. Please wear sneakers, work clothes and your yellow shirt!

Our next Compton Work Day is on April 21st. We will be meeting at The Compton Courthouse. The address is: 400 S. Acacia Ave. Compton, CA.Sign up now!

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Are you interested in taking on a more active role in the Compton Initiative? We're looking for people to join our leadership team to help prep the work site the week before the initiative. Contact Emma at (714) 761-5100 x287 for more information.