Next Up

A letter from Pastor Doyle:

Growing up I always appreciated the faith of my grandparents and my parents.  Because of their example I knew that living in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ was the most important thing.  I have always appreciated my family’s faith legacy as it has served me well in my own faith journey.  Even today I call upon their examples in my life to help me try to continue that legacy to my children and now grandchild.  We as a church also have both benefited from and have an opportunity to build a legacy.  One of the things I want most for my life is to finish well, having left a kingdom legacy for those who are yet to come.  In this “Step Up for the Next Up” program we have an opportunity to invest in the next generations.  The truth is most of us won’t be remembered for what we accomplished or how much we acquired but rather how much we invested in those we love. So I am asking you to prayerfully consider making a sacrificial gift to the new “Family Ministry Zone” here at SeaCoast Grace Church.  Included in this project will be a completely remodeled children’s building, a green space for our children to play on, an outdoor gathering place for young families and a patio/gathering place for our youth and young adults.  We really do believe that God cares about the next generations and we want you to care too.  Thank you for giving this serious prayer and thought. I know that you will be generous and then be generously blessed as a result.

Caring Together,
Pastor Doyle

What is Next Up?

Next UpCan you imagine choosing who you were going to marry before the age of 12? Most young people today are waiting until they are 30 to make such a big decision. What may be surprising to you is that most people make an even bigger decision than that before they hit their teen years… whether or not they will accept or reject Christ. Statistics have consistently shown that 80% of adult Christians were actively involved in church before the age of 12. It’s overwhelming to think that the most important decision we will ever make happens before we even hit our teen years. We see this as an opportunity, because if we can get serious about and invest in the next generation of children we can instill in them a faith that lasts a lifetime. You will make a lot of investments throughout your life. Some will succeed and some will fail. We believe the investment into the spiritual lives of the next generation is one that has an eternal impact. 

Project Details

God is leading us to prepare and equip the NEXT generation

  1. Remodel Children’s building by creating specific and age appropriate spaces. We want to make it fun, creative, inspiring, and maybe even a surprising place to be.
  2. Champions Club- These rooms are specifically designed for special needs children where we can meet their physical, mental, and spiritual needs. For more information or to get involved please email:
  3. Greenspace- We want our kids to leave church and not walk into a parking lot, but rather a park, so we would like to provide a green space in front of the building for them to play.
  4. Create 6 additional adult meeting rooms for classes, small groups, etc.
  5. Expand Kitchen area to include indoor and outdoor eating spaces for families.
  6. Create a patio to be used in conjunction with Warehouse activities including more outdoor seating and recreational areas.


Click on the images below to view the project renderings.

Lobby Kids Preschool Room Middle Kids room Oldest Kids Room Park Rendering Courtyard



How can you get involved?

We hope that you are excited about what God is doing in the next generation at our church. As you know, we're all in this together, so if SeaCoast Grace Church is your home, we strongly encourage you to get involved.

  1. Start Praying. Please pray for our church; pray for the next generation of kids and youth, especially those that have not made a decision to follow Christ.  In addition, pray about what your family can contribute to the Next Up campaign./li>
  2. Discuss how you can get involved with your family. Being a part of Next Up is not only a personal decision, but a family one. Please take the time to discuss and pray about the future of our church with your family.  This is a great way to grow closer and build spiritual maturity within your family. There will be opportunities for the whole family to experience the joy of giving and the fulfillment of ownership.
  3. Make a commitment or pledge. After prayer, make a one-time gift, commitment, or a pledge for the next 12 months to the Next Up campaign. Our goal is to raise 1 million dollars. Our intention is to not incur additional debt and to spend only what we raise.
  4. Prayerfully stick with your commitment. We all know God can make anything good happen on His own. However, God invites us to be a part of the process. So, if you make a commitment, don’t forget about it. We’re counting on everyone in the church to be a part of what happens NEXT.

Click here to make a commitment to this project or to donate click here.